Tinnitus: What is it?

Tinnitus Rochester, NY. A girl holding her ear with her hand and buzzing radiating from it.

Have you ever experienced an annoying ringing sound in your ear? People will often experience this sensation after a concert, which is just short term, but others experience it all the time. This annoying ringing sound is known as Tinnitus, more commonly called ringing in the ear, can also occur in the form of buzzing, clicking or hissing. It can be caused by an exposure to loud noises such as heavy equipment, loud iPod volumes, firearms, or concerts. It can also be caused due to a head injury, ear wax blockage, excessive smoking, age, or inner ear cell damage. Inner ear cell damage is caused when the delicate hairs in the cochlea are disrupted whether from head trauma or exposure to loud sounds.

Common Types of Tinnitus:

This type of Tinnitus is the most common among those who suffer. Only the person experiencing can hear the ringing.

This type of Tinnitus is rare, but is still heard. It is caused by involuntary muscle contractions in which the ringing can be heard by an outside observer, such as a doctor.

How to Cope:

Unfortunately there is no cure for Tinnitus; however, there are some ways to minimize the effects of it!

Ignore it
Yes, we know this is difficult, but instead of paying attention to the ringing sound, focus your attention on other things to take your mind off it. After a while, you will get used to it and it will not be as bothersome to you.

Sound Therapy
Some people may choose to take advantage of sound therapy. This essentially is a session in which the patient will mask the ringing sound caused by Tinnitus with low levels of background or white noise. It directs the attention off of the ringing onto something else.

Healthy Lifestyle
Living a healthy lifestyle is a key factor that you can control to help ease the discomfort of Tinnitus. Eating right and exercising regularly can go a long way!

If you or someone you know may be experiencing Tinnitus, stop by one of our offices today for a consultation and guidance on how to ease the discomfort.