There's an App for That

A smart phone with app icons coming from the screen.

Today’s technology is ever-changing… it is almost hard to keep up! Nowadays, there is an app for almost anything, including assisting people with hearing loss. Here are some useful smartphone apps that may help you, or someone you know, battle hearing impairment!


This app is a vibrating/visual aid alarm that was created by someone who is hearing impaired. Based on one’s individual situation, you can choose what senses you would like your smartphone to use for the alarm: flashing screen, vibration, camera flash, or loud noise. This app works as a great reminder! From waking up in the morning to not burning a casserole! It even costs less than a cup of coffee at only $1.97.

Subtitles Viewer

This app provides users with subtitles that can synchronize with a television, or even at a theatre! It is also available in any language. Start by finding the show/movie you want to watch, download the subtitles, and synchronize with your device. It’s that easy, and it’s FREE to download!


This is a FREE app that contains four main features:

  • Sound Monitor – This detects dangerous sounds such as alarms, screams, or sirens and notifies the user by causing the device to vibrate and flash.

  • Connect – This feature is able to convert text into speech and convert speech into text, allowing the user easier communication.

  • Dance – This feature picks up the sound of music and converts it into flashing lights and vibration signals. It also displays a visual equalizer that goes to the beat of the music.

  • Emergency – This allows the user to inform friends/family about any situation or emergency that may arise.