Common Jobs Linked to Hearing Loss

Another day, another dollar, another way to be susceptible to hearing loss. Who would have thought that your everyday job could potentially be putting you at risk for hearing problems? Yes, you heard that right. Aside from a loud concert on the weekends, your JOB could also be putting you in jeopardy! Here are some of the common jobs that have above normal levels of noise on the worksite and how to protect yourself:

A construction worker in a hard hat on the roof of a building with an electric hand saw.

Construction Workers:

From the chiseling of saws to the loud drills, construction workers are high on the list for hearing loss on the job. These loud sounds can be affecting workers without them even knowing it.



A group of emergency personnel in their different uniforms. From left to right: National Guard, Police Officer, Doctor, Paramedic, Firefighter, Nurse, and Surgeon.

Emergency Personnel (Police Officers, Firefighters,
Ambulance Crew):

People in these professions are susceptible to loud noises coming from sirens, alarms, firearms and horns, which can make them prone to hearing problems.

A bartender in a bow tie serving a mixed drink.


A downfall to this job is that the employee can be exposed to loud sounds coming from live bands or other forms of loud music, whether it is a speaker or a jukebox.

SO: If you or someone you know works in any of these professions protect your ears.

  • Always have a pair of ear plugs handy for when it gets too loud. Custom fit ear plugs may be the best solution for you. Call our office to find out more.

  • Keep your distance from the noise source.

  • Give your ears a rest. When you take your break move away from the noise source.