Product in the Spotlight: Ditto

Ditto device held between two fingers.

Are you someone who loves to keep up with technology. If so, stay in the loop with this awesome invention intended to help the hard of hearing community. Ditto is a small device that can connect to your phone through Bluetooth and will notify you when you receive a notification by vibrating. It is lightweight, waterproof, and never needs to be charged (battery- operated).

How it works:

First, connect your phone to Ditto through Bluetooth. Every notification your phone receives is sent to Ditto, then Ditto vibrates to alert you. It will notify you if you are receiving an incoming call, text, email, alarm and more. There is also an option for a silent wake up alarm so that you do not disturb your partner when waking in the morning. You can customize it to synchronize with over 60 apps and personalize the vibration to each notification so that you can differentiate. Ditto even has a digital tether so that you never forget or misplace your phone again. The digital tether will cause your Ditto to vibrate if you are out of the 50-100ft range of your phone.

Ditto Wearable wristband

How you wear it:

Ditto is small and discrete. You can either clip it onto your clothing or wear it like a watch. This is the best way to feel the vibration when receiving a notification on your phone. Ditto works up to 50-100ft away from your phone. So even if you forgot your phone upstairs and you are in the basement, you won’t miss an alert. This is a groundbreaking innovation for those who suffer from hearing loss. With Ditto, they will never have to worry again about a missed notification!

You can buy Ditto in either white or black on their website (, or on for around $40. It comes with a wristband, a clip, and a battery.