Hearing Loss and Mental Decline

Did you know that hearing loss can be linked to a mental decline in patients if it goes
untreated? The hairs in the cochlea and the brain are going into overtime in order to
hear and translate sounds. Going into overtime may be great for a football team down
by six points, but not for someone with a hearing problem. The brain gets extremely
overwhelmed by this overdrive and can become more vulnerable to cognitive decline.
Hearing loss has also been known to worsen the symptoms of dementia.


Hearing Loss Rochester, NY. Three trees shaped like a person’s head. The first tree is green and has all it’s leaves. The second tree is yellow and some of the leaves on the back of it’s head are missing. The third tree is red and has most of the leaves on the back of it’s head missing.

Some of these symptoms include:

  • Impaired Memory

  • Decreased Alertness

  • Inability to Learn New Skills

  • Increased Fatigue


Social Isolation
People who suffer from impaired hearing may also experience social isolation. Every day social interactions such as meeting new people can cause anxiety. People with hearing loss may opt to avoid these situations and simply stay home where they are most comfortable. Don’t get me wrong, many solo activities such as gardening and reading books are quite enjoyable, but not when it is holding you back from social interaction. Our brains need “exercise” and the mental stimulation that comes along with social interaction. Not enough “exercise” can lead to a decline in cognitive thinking and an increased risk of dementia. One more reason why as we age, it is critical to protect your hearing and get regular screenings. Hearing aids not only help you hear, but can also improve your overall quality of life.


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