How to Keep Your Ears Happy While Listening to Music

Hearing Aids Rochester, NY. A young woman has headphones on and is enjoying listening to music.

Since the innovation of portable music devices, the use of earbuds has been on the rise. With these tiny speakers jammed into our ears, hearing loss has become more prevalent. Despite the risks, we all continue to use them whether we are out for a jog, or passing the time on a long road trip. Here are some ways to protect your hearing while listening to music: 


Do not exceed over 60-75% maximum volume

A way to gage this is, if you are unable to hear what’s going on around you, chances are you’re exceeding a safe volume!

Go by the 60/10 Rule

For every 60 minutes of listening time, give your ears a 10 minute rest, at minimum.


Instead of using earbuds that are shoved in close to your ear canal, try switching to headphones that simply rest over your ears like earmuffs. Headphones will keep your ears protected and less susceptible to hearing loss.

Turn it down

Simple as that! As hard as it may be to resist turning up the volume when your favorite song comes on, try your best to keep it at a safe level. It will only benefit you in the long run!

Remember, be smart and keep the volume at a minimum. If someone close by can hear your music, then it’s probably too loud. Your ears will thank you later!


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