Not wearing your hearing aids? Here is why you should

Are you one of 20 percent of Americans who suffer from hearing loss? Or are you among those who took the time to get fit and pay for your hearing aids only to “forget” or refuse to wear them as advised by your audiologist?

4 reasons people are not wearing their hearing aids

  1. Fit and Comfort

    The most common reason hearing aids remain in your nightstand instead of in your ears is fit. If you experience discomfort and feel your device is disrupting your daily life, talk to your audiologist today and schedule a time to get re-fit or learn about newer options. When your hearing devices fit comfortably, you will get back on your routine of wearing them daily.

  2. Poor Quality and Lack of Effectiveness

    Your hearing aids are an investment so if they are no longer performing well and providing you with the benefits they should, it is important to visit your audiologist or hearing care professional to get the proper adjustments you need.

  3. Unattractive and Embarrassing

    Even with the advanced technology of today's hearing aids, they still hold a stigma. The reality is they are so discreet your friends and loved ones won’t even know you have hearing aids! Or wear them with pride and adorn them.
    Here’s some ideas:

  4. Lack of commitment

    If you are one of many who claim “I only need to put my hearing aids in when I go out” you are mistaken. Hearing is a brain activity and Y\your brain needs to adjust to hearing again, by consistently wearing your hearing aids, you will begin to reap the benefits of your hearing devices.

Why you should wear them

Wearing your hearing aids daily makes them worth the investment, improves your quality of life and improves the lives of your friends and family. So take those hearing aids out of your bedside table or call your local audiologist today and schedule an appointment to start living and hearing the life you deserve once again.