Advantages of Rechargeable Hearing Aids

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Hearing aid technology has changed a lot in the last ten years. Most hearing aids these days are wireless devices that can connect to your smartphones. Hearing aid wearers can now stream phone calls and listen to music straight from their smartphones without wires to their hearing aids. Some are even leveraging the power of machine learning. 

In addition to these conveniences, hearing aids are also driven by very quick processing platforms which enables wearers the ability to understand speech in challenging environments more easily that ever before.

Like many mobile devices of ours, to perform these tasks, hearing aids use up a lot of energy. This results in increased battery consumption, opening up a fresh set of issues for users of hearing aids. Consumers have called for a more sustainable option, and manufacturers have responded with reliable, rechargeable hearing aids!

The limits of traditional disposable batteries

The small size and versatility of disposable zinc-air batteries have made them the battery of choice for the majority of hearing aids. In the past, these batteries did not need to be replaced as frequently because they did not boast the wireless and digital capacities now available. 

However, traditional zinc air batteries aren't as long-lasting as they once were with newer hearing aid models, as these tend to carry more sophisticated technology. Battery changes now need to happen a a few times a week rather than once a month. 

This creates a sense of unease every time the wearer leaves the house with their hearing aids. Rather than knowing that their hearing aids will keep working throughout the day, they need to remember to take an additional set of batteries, just in case

Benefits of Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Rechargeable hearing aid solutions in hearing aids have been around in some form for the past decade, but it’s only been with the recent introduction of lithium-ion batteries that the technology has finally come into their own. Rechargeable hearing aids are now as easy to use and charge as your smartphone or tablet.

Here are some of the benefits of lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aids. 

  1. No Extra Costs

    Once you move to rechargeable batteries, you no longer have to contend with the trouble of purchasing hearing aid batteries. Last-minute online purchases or pharmacy trips are not required. Just pop your hearing aids into the charger every night. 

  2. They’re more durable

    Most rechargeable hearing aids don't have a battery door. Since many rechargeable alternatives have a unibody, there is less chance that humidity, dust and debris will corrupt the hearing aid. With rechargeable hearing aids, they are less likely to be sent out for repair. 

  3. An overnight charge for all-day listening

    Hearing aids are merely removed from your ears before bed and put overnight in the charging docket. In the morning, they are fully charged and ready for an entire day's use. On average, depending on your use of wireless streaming, a six to eight-hour charge gives 16 to 20 hours of hearing, so you will have enough energy to last the whole day.

  4. A better choice for the environment

    You throw out two batteries every few days or once a week if you wear two hearing aids powered by disposable batteries. Since these batteries are not recyclable, if incorrectly disposed of, they run the risk of depositing lead and acid into underground water supplies and becoming a threat to the environment. Lithium-ion batteries, on the other hand, will continue to work throughout the hearing aid's life. For the entire lifespan of your hearing aid, only one battery needs to be used.

  5. Easier to handle

    Some consumers of hearing aids do have restricted motor skills may find it difficult to open the casing to change a battery. These batteries are tiny which makes them easy to fall and lose sight of. This can be a real safety hazard if small children or pets are around. This tricky routine is entirely avoided with rechargeable hearing aids. They are very easy to charge and will likely require no battery changes for the life of the hearing aid.

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