“I'm more than thrilled with the service and my new hearing aids. I don't have to just smile and nod my head pretending I'm hearing what people say. My boys and granddaughters don't have to repeat and then say never mind! Why did I wait so long? I highly recommend Hart Hearing!”

-Lani M.

"What a difference the Phonak Naida V90-UP hearing aid and Roger Pen technology has made in our lives. After many years of being socially isolated by not being able to hear on the telephone, hear anything said during the church service, and constantly misunderstanding many things said in conversations, Jim can hear again.  When we go to a restaurant, he can hear the waitress and order his own meal.  We can have a normal conversation.  When we are riding in the car, he can hear the radio and also be able to carry on a conversation with anyone in the car. In church, he puts the pen on the candle holder and can hear the whole service..  This might not seem like much to the normal person, but to Jim, who has avoided crowds and family gatherings because he was always asking someone to repeat what they said, this is like opening up a whole new world."

-Jim & Mary Hutchinson

"My experience with Hart hearing has been nothing less than Great!! “The Hart experience” starts when you walk in and everyone from the front desk staff to practitioner, treat you like an old friend. I found out I needed hearing aids at 40 something, who would have thought? The world is a different place when you can hear…EVERYTHING! Because of the great care at Hart Hearing I did not have any hesitation. Thank you Hart Hearing!"

- Priscilla, Brighton

"When I’d answer my wife according to what I thought she said, it got me in trouble. Plus, I couldn’t hear TV programs. I went to Hart Hearing Centers and was very pleased with how they handled everything. Courteous, respectful and quick. Now I enjoy hearing my wife and my favorite programs.  Don’t wait like I did. Get them and don’t miss out on anything anymore.” 

- Jesus A., 10-year patient

"As the new owner of a pair of Delta hearing aids, I can wholeheartedly say that they are a huge improvement over my old hearing aids. The clarity is remarkable, but the thing I like the most is that they are comfortable. I find that I wear them all the time in contrast to the old ones, which stayed on the shelf a good part of the time. There is no crunching sound when chewing and phone conversations are a breeze. I would recommend them very highly."

- Dr. Stuart H. Wax

“My hearing aids are like my best friend.  They complete my world.  They’re that important.  Hart knows how to make the most of what you have.  For me, I missed conversations in the car.  Now I hear them. Hart helps bring dignity to something I’ve lost.  Getting the right aid for your loss is the difference between watching color TV or B&W.” 

- Anne W., 25-year patient